The Pub Boys… a party waiting to happen.

****The Pub Boys are returning to our original format as a duo featuring Gordie Parsons and Tom McMullin singing all your old favorite Irish rebel tunes with some folk and east coast staples thrown in as well.  We are currently checking with some of our old venues to get back on their schedules and will update the site as new bookings come in.  We are looking forward to seeing our old fans again and hoping to make some new ones as well.****

The Pub Boys’ music, on the cd and live on stage, is retro even for traditional music. It recalls the glory days of Tommy Makem and The Clancy Brothers: sincere, robust playing and tight, manly harmonies (and Earhart’s supple and assured fiddle playing is an asset). For anyone used to the punk snarl of the Pogues or the mystic overdubs of Enya, this is an adjustment but one with lasting pleasures. –  Ken Chisholm.

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With a blend of traditional, east coast and original tunes, The Pub Boys have, as individuals and as a group been entertaining audiences across Cape Breton and beyond, for many years.  Each brings their unique instrumental and vocal abilities to the stage and collectively they produce a collaborative sound that guarantees to have the crowd demanding more at the end of the night!  When you combine music, with large doses of laughter, both on and off the stage, you have a recipe for a great evening out!  The Pub Boys have proven their ability to entertain no matter the event.  The Pub Boys have gained a loyal following of people who return again and again as they are guaranteed to hear the songs to sing along to, and music to chase their cares away.


The Pub Boys

Gordie Parsons – Vocals, 6-12 String Guitars, Bouzouki & Banjo
Gordie is from Coxheath and started playing guitar at the ripe old age of 13.  He loves all things musical and in his younger days was involved and starred in Rotary Shows as both a singer and dancer.  Gordie developed a love of Celtic music after playing in a church choir directed by renowned Cape Breton Celtic performer Donnie Campbell.  Gordie partnered with Robert Libbis for about a dozen years.  Gordie was also a member of Our Lady of Fatima choir.  While on a Cursillo weekend he met Tom and together they formed The Pub Boys.


Tom McMullin – Vocals, Bass & 6-12 String Guitars
Tom grew up in Reserve Mines and like many Cape Breton families, live music was always present in the home throughout his youth. He spent twenty two years with the Canadian Armed Forces eventually returning to Cape Breton and his musical roots in 1998. Tom started playing guitar at 10 years of age and has played in many church choirs & local bands over the years.  Together with Gordie he is a co-founder of The Pub Boys.


What people are saying:

“They are equal if not better than bands I have actually heard in Ireland”

“It’s a great atmosphere to get together with friends for a meal… the music doesn’t overpower the conversation”

“The Pub Boys are a lot of fun!”

For Booking info on The Pub Boys

Phone Gordie 902-562-3782 or Tom 902-842-5170 or email